Zoflora | Bulk Buy 12 56ml Zoflora bottles in mixed set | Great for cleaning kennels, nurseries, homes

Keeping your home clean and smelling lovely is probably at the top of most people’s things to do, especially at weekends… zoflora is a fabulous concentrated disinfectant that comes in some amazing smells. No more smelling like a pine factory or an old fashioned hospital ward.

Zoflora has packaged some of the top selling fragrances into a set of 12 so you will never run out.  A firm favourite with animal hospitals, rescue centres, nursing homes and nurseries the smell of rose, bouquet, lavender and country garden will go down much better than the normal smell of disinfectant and still do a fabulous cleaning job.

Each concentrated bottle will mix down with plain tap water to give a 3 in 1 action of killing bacteria and maintaining freshness. Used neat on a cloth and it will remove stubborn marks as well.

Get ready for a new level in cleaning.


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