Millet | 1kg millet for your budgies, cockatiels and other caged birds

Budgies, parakeets, love birds, finches, canaries, cockatiels and parrots are just some of the pet birds we keep as pets in our homes and gardens. We love to treat our birds as well as give them quality products to keep them healthy.  As birds originated in the wild they picked whatever was around them and developed a taste for varieties of nuts, fruit, berries and seeds.  Many birds and actually animals too love natural millet and take great delight in taking it off the millet spray themselves… so why not give them this treat.  These are much longer than the commercial sprays you may find in retail shops like Pets at Home and you will find you pet birds make a huge mess in their haste to get at the top quality millet.

Why not order your top quality millet sprays today and treat your birds to a fabulous feast.

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