Jelly Belly Beans

If your childhood gives you some of the best memories of your life you wouldn’t want these fab Jelly Belly Beans…? Over 40 flavours combined give you some interesting sensations (and I am not saying they are all good!). Jelly beans are fun and loved by everyone.  We couldn’t even get these unloaded without being stopped by someone to buy them…

With 1.8kg these beans are enough to share with the whole family and the plastic jar they come in can be resealed (and even reused… one of the directors uses it for his spare change collection).

There are many jelly beans on the market but it is fair to say that few matchup to the quality and ingenuity of Jelly belly for their flavours and combinations as well as consistent quality. They make great little gifts by adding them to party cones and bags, boxes or even drawstring bags but do keep them dry or they will soak up the water around them and go sticky – which is not a great thing.

Order your Jelly Belly Beans for the forthcoming festive and party seasons… but keep them locked away or you will probably keep taking just a couple and find out you need to order some more!


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