Fingerlings – the latest must have Christmas Toy for 2017

Keeping up with the must-have toys of the year is an absolute nightmare and who knows what will grab the attention of the kids… One of this year’s talked about toys is a relatively modest price, fingerlings.  Be careful of the fakes on the market as with all must have toys they get copied and the quality may not be what you would like to give a child.

Fingerlings - 2017 must-have christmas toyThese monkeys sit on your finger and it has to be said they have an element of cuteness and charm that the kids find adorable. I can imagine many adults will be loving them too so at the price point I can imagine them selling pretty fast.

If a fingerling is on your child’s wish list for Santa you may want to think about getting in as early as you can to stop having disappointed children on Christmas morning. From all accounts, the factory they are being shipped from is working flat out and the orders placed already exceed the amount in the country.

Around £12 to £25 is the right price point for these creatures so anything much less is unlikely to be an original Wow wee Fingerling product.  You will find the price of original fingerling’s increases as the scarcity of them increases, that happens every year with the toys that become hits being under bought by the toy importers and manufacturers.  This also means that the copycat products will come on the market quickly and will look at an even lower price. Not that most kids care, but you will want to know there is no danger to your child with the quality of the components that are being used to create it.

Fingerlings have a small selection of colours and styles, but given the popularity you can bet this will be increasing sooner rather than later.  See what you can find…


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