Aquafresh Toothpaste – milk teeth | Start your children’s oral health early

Getting kids to do anything is hard work – and brushing their teeth may be a task you know you have to do but dread.  Try this milk teeth toothpaste – not only can you tell your kids they have their very own specially formulated toothpaste just for them, but you are helping start on the road to healthy gums and teeth that will last a lifetime.

The Aquafresh milk teeth toothpaste is just one of the range of children’s formulations for different ages of child.  Getting your children in to a habit they will need to carry on all of their life is a great life lesson and making them feel special in the process is an easy way to get them interested.

Not only does aquafresh do a great job of looking after their teeth and gums, with low abrasiveness to protect their delicate mouths but it also has a great minty taste too.  The 50ml aquafresh toothpaste can be used from 0 – 2 years old. Start them on the right track and move on and up to stronger formulations that grow with them and the needs of their oral health.

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