1Kg Budgie Seed | Unicorn Cloud premium budgie mix | white millet, red millet, canary seed

1kg budgie seed millet from unicorn cloudWe know you love your birds as much as we do and that’s why we have had this fabulous quality budgie seed mixed for Unicorn Cloud.

1kg of first class mixed millet, it contains white millet, red millet and canary seed all in one fabulous kilo of seed – and it comes in a resealable bag!

This bird seed is intended as a complementary food for your caged birds so you will need to add fresh fruit and vegetables to their diet along with daily supplies of fresh water.

Keep your perches away from the food so you do not get contamination from droppings and remember to remove old and wet food regularly.

Clean your feeders regularly with water and disinfectant and wash your hands after handling.

This food is not for human consumption.


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